Your safety is our concern. At Metrorail we take commuter safety seriously, and work closely with SAPS Railway Police to keep our trains and stations safe. Our operations are strictly regulated by the Rail Safety Regulator, rail safety’s oversight authority, and its directives to fulfil our mandate to provide a safe and reliable transport service.

Safety Tips:

  • Be alert – trains can come from either direction at any time and can approach quietly
  • Take care – keep children in sight and near you at all times
  • Follow the rules – Obey all warning signals around train tracks and at stations, especially at level crossings
  • Watch out – trains are wider than tracks, so don't sit on the edge of the platform
  • Stay clear – always stand behind the yellow line while trains enter of leave a station
  • Mind your step – be careful when disembarking a train and mind the gap between the train and platform
  • No shortcuts – Always enter or exit a station platform at designated areas. Crossing railway tracks anywhere else is dangerous and illegal
  • Be aware – using earphones indicates that you have a phone, iPod or MP3 player which may attract criminals. Keep your valuables out of sight to avoid opportunistic crime

Metrorail Safety Campaigns and Community Engagement
Metrorail proactively engages with schools and communities to teach and promote rail safety and advise on the expected standards of behaviour within the rail environment. To find out more contact our Corporate Affairs Department on (021) 449 2064.

Commuter behaviour is legislated in The Legal Succession Act (Act 9 of 1989, schedule 12 (1), (a)-(u), and offenders found contravening the Act will be prosecuted. If at any time you feel unsafe please alert a Metrorail employee or make use of the following emergency numbers for assistance.

Metrorail Protection Services hot-line: (021) 449 4336
SAPS Crime Stop: 0860 10111
Rapid Rail Police Unit: (021) 443 4334